Polar Bear Mama

Art by Nathaniel Posner, postcard design by Charity Rae (front) & Christina Coleman (back).
  1. Cut out all the bear pieces. It’s ok if some of the blue background is still there, no worries!
  2. Try arranging the pieces where they go before poking the holes. The x is a rough guide, but you might like your puppet arranged slightly differently, so test it out first. It’s most fun if you place the baby in a way that it can spin around in the body!
  3. Once you’ve found the right spot, poke the holes with something sharp – you can use an awl, or a needle. The holes are pretty small. In this puppet you have one hole for the body and two legs, so poke it through all 3 at once if you can.
  4. Stick the brads through the holes and open them in the back.

Brads look like this. There should be some small ones on the back of your card. After you poke them through, you open them up flat

5. You can decorate the bear by coloring it in. Try markers! Paint? You can glue things onto it! You can cut something out of paper and add an accessory.